Exploring Tangier, Morocco with Rick Steves!

Morocco has been SURGING as a tourist destination lately!  Over the past few years, Morocco has taken over the #2 spot from South Africa as the country in Africa with the most tourist arrivals per year.  And now Egypt – the perennial leader of the continent – has seen massive drops in tourism with all of their political chaos, which … Read More

Great Video from Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism

Morocco just developed a new ad campaign with the tagline, “The Country That Travels Within You.”  The video is great, but this marketing slogan must translate better in Spanish and French than it does in English.  “The Country That Travels Within You” makes me think of the stomach problems that are common with traveling. Here’s what Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism … Read More

Visiting the Caves of Hercules in Tangier, Morocco

This is one of the TOP TEN places to visit in Tangier, Morocco. The caves of Hercules, located just 14 km west of Tangier, are a place of stunning natural beauty and great archeological significance. The mouths of the caves open up onto the Atlantic and are flooded at high tide. When the tide comes in, water gushes up through these … Read More

Tangier is Getting a New Port and Marina

Last year, in accordance with Morocco’s ambitious plan to become a premier tourist destination, all industrial traffic was moved to the new MED Port, which is 40km east of the city.  The city’s port is now reserved for tourism – receiving ferries from Spain and international cruise ships.  This port of Tangier, which is in the heart of the city, … Read More