Moroccan Water Sellers

Traditionally costumed water sellers are seen throughout Morocco. For a dirham or two water is poured from camel leather bags into brass or tin cups. Few tourists can resist photographing the colorfully clad men decked out in elaborate tasseled hats. You can hear the musical clinking of the brass and bells they wear. Today water sellers make more money from vacationers who … Read More

Tangier is Morocco’s New Hot Spot

As Marrakech booms with construction and open-air markets and the tourists who love them, Tangier, the blue-and-white port on the Strait of Gibraltar, remains calm and cosmopolitan. Marrakech might have been Morocco’s main magnet for years, but it is Tangier’s turn again. The louche, expat glamour of the mid twentieth century still clings to every café, shop, and souk, and … Read More

Controversial Plan for High Speed Train in Morocco

Construction has begun on Morocco’s controversial High Speed Rail system that will connect Tangier (in the north) with Rabat, Casablanca, and eventually Marrakech. On the positive side, this incredibly ambitious project will significantly enhance the infrastructure of a tourist-oriented country.  With the new high-speed trains traveling at 200 mph (320km/h), Morocco will boast the fastest railways in Africa.  Tourists can … Read More

Train from Tangier to Marrakech

When traveling between cities in Morocco, the train is an easy way to do it.  And if you plan to to travel from Tangier to Marrakech, there is one night train that departs at 9:05pm from Tangier and you can sleep on the train, which is great because it’s a 10 hour train ride! You have to make your reservation … Read More

Map of Morocco, and the Train from Tangier

Taking the Train ONCF opened a new train station, Tanger Ville, in 2003, which is now the end of the line. While it’s closer to the city center than Tanger Morora, the original end-of-the-line, it’s still quite a long walk so take a petit taxi for 15dhs or so. The country has an excellent railway system with 1,893km (1,176mi) of … Read More