Learning Arabic in Morocco

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You’ll encounter many languages in Morocco.  Strolling down the streets of Tangier, you will surely hear French, Arabic (the Moroccan dialect of course), Spanish, some English, and if you have the ear for it, one of the three Berber languages.  But the heart language of Morocco is Arabic.  It’s the language of the Mosque and the coffee shop.  This semitic language is also a gateway into a world of art and design.  Arabic calligraphy is one of the trademark crafts of Arab and Islamic culture.  Originating from a desire not to recreate images of the divine in human form, Arabic script was used to preserve the writing of the Quran.  Today, it continues to be a way to artistic expression.


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    1. At first, I couldn’t tell the difference between Arabic and if someone was just making squiggles, but I’m starting to learn the language and all of those squiggles are actually letters. Crazy 🙂

  1. It’s amazing how beautiful you have made this post with minimal writing and beautiful pictures to capture Arabic. As someone who’s been around Arabic my entire life, Ioved this post – especially the line “It’s the language of the mosque and the coffee shop”

  2. I spent a week in UAE a little over a year ago. The best I got was the ability to recognize some numbers. Other than that, I could say “thank you” (shukran) and “goodbye” (ma’a salama) all day long. Definitely more beautiful written in Arabic.

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