World’s largest exporter of sardines?

Photo by Bill Gekas Morocco!  You can travel to this North African country to find great street food like deep-fried spicy sardines.  Check out this article by CNN to find out about the Top 10 Street Foods of Morocco.  Here’s what they have to say about these little fishies: This little fish is a street food staple.  Sardines are stuffed with … Read More

Exploring Tangier, Morocco with Rick Steves!

Morocco has been SURGING as a tourist destination lately!  Over the past few years, Morocco has taken over the #2 spot from South Africa as the country in Africa with the most tourist arrivals per year.  And now Egypt – the perennial leader of the continent – has seen massive drops in tourism with all of their political chaos, which … Read More

Camel Riding or Culture Ruining?

We rode camels.  We finally did it.  We’ve been living in Morocco for years, but this was the first time we’ve mounted these gnarly hump-backed beasts.  My brother’s family was in town and so we loaded up all the kids and did the tourist thing.  Local Moroccans tell us that riding camels is just for tourists, but come on, who … Read More

First Impressions of Tangier, Morocco

A writer from Spain recently travelled to our city (Tangier, Morocco), and he ended up writing multiple articles on his experiences as a traveler.  I’m always interested to hear what other people think of this city, and I’ve quoted bits from his articles below.  Have you ever traveled to Morocco?  If so, do you think his observations are accurate, based … Read More

A Water Park In Africa?

Photo Credit This is a great water park in Tangier, Morocco.  It’s built into the cliff that overlooks the Bay of Tangier.  And other than offering great views and water-slides, the water park provides a welcomed rest from the hustle and bustle of the city and the hot summer days. Tangier is a unique city situated at the tip of North … Read More

Moroccan Water Sellers

Traditionally costumed water sellers are seen throughout Morocco. For a dirham or two water is poured from camel leather bags into brass or tin cups. Few tourists can resist photographing the colorfully clad men decked out in elaborate tasseled hats. You can hear the musical clinking of the brass and bells they wear. Today water sellers make more money from vacationers who … Read More

Great Video from Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism

Morocco just developed a new ad campaign with the tagline, “The Country That Travels Within You.”  The video is great, but this marketing slogan must translate better in Spanish and French than it does in English.  “The Country That Travels Within You” makes me think of the stomach problems that are common with traveling. Here’s what Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism … Read More