Exploring Tangier, Morocco with Rick Steves!

Morocco has been SURGING as a tourist destination lately!  Over the past few years, Morocco has taken over the #2 spot from South Africa as the country in Africa with the most tourist arrivals per year.  And now Egypt – the perennial leader of the continent – has seen massive drops in tourism with all of their political chaos, which … Read More

TV Chef Explores Tangier

Famous TV chef, Anthony Bourdain, recently visited Tangier, Morocco for the show Parts Unknown in search of good food and an experience of its storied culture.  He shares some local dinner table manners: “Like anywhere else in the Arab world,” explained Bourdain, “eating with your hands — always the right one — is proper dining etiquette.” In the article from … Read More

“The Gardener’s House” in Tangier, Morocco

The home of world-renowned garden designer Madison Cox is a simple Moorish refuge in a city that has captivated like-minded wanderers for centuries: beloved books and plants share his view of the deep blue Strait of Gibraltar.  Here is an excerpt of the recent New York Times article: “Sunny, stormy and fog-drenched Tangier has long been a magnet for diplomats, painters, … Read More

A Water Park In Africa?

Photo Credit This is a great water park in Tangier, Morocco.  It’s built into the cliff that overlooks the Bay of Tangier.  And other than offering great views and water-slides, the water park provides a welcomed rest from the hustle and bustle of the city and the hot summer days. Tangier is a unique city situated at the tip of North … Read More

What is a Moroccan Riad?

    A riad (Arabic: رياض‎) is a traditional Moroccan house with an interior garden or courtyard. The word riad comes from the Arabian term for garden, “ryad”. The riads were inward focused, which allowed for family privacy and protection from the weather in Morocco. This inward focus was expressed in the central location of most of the interior gardens … Read More

Controversial Plan for High Speed Train in Morocco

Construction has begun on Morocco’s controversial High Speed Rail system that will connect Tangier (in the north) with Rabat, Casablanca, and eventually Marrakech. On the positive side, this incredibly ambitious project will significantly enhance the infrastructure of a tourist-oriented country.  With the new high-speed trains traveling at 200 mph (320km/h), Morocco will boast the fastest railways in Africa.  Tourists can … Read More

Tunnel to Connect Morocco with Europe

For decades, Morocco and Spain have planned to connect Europe with Africa. Designs for bridges have all been rejected in favor of an underground tunnel, similar to the Channel Tunnel that connects England and France. The current plan includes two rail tunnels that will allow passengers to cross the Straits of Gibraltar in under 30 minutes on an underground train. … Read More

Lost in Tangier: Travel Article by NY Times

The New York Times did a travel article that I just read and they confirm that Tangier is changing.  If you visited Tangier in the past, you will probably be surprised on your return to see what’s new.  Here’s an exempt from the article. “For a few decades, Tangier was a playground for the wealthy and the literary-minded, but by … Read More

Tangier is Getting a New Port and Marina

Last year, in accordance with Morocco’s ambitious plan to become a premier tourist destination, all industrial traffic was moved to the new MED Port, which is 40km east of the city.  The city’s port is now reserved for tourism – receiving ferries from Spain and international cruise ships.  This port of Tangier, which is in the heart of the city, … Read More

Tangier, Morocco: A City on the Rise

Enjoying a rich history and a unique geographical location, Tangier sits majestically between a sea and an ocean at the crossroads of several civilizations. With the opening of Tanger Med, the city is in the process of becoming one of the world’s largest maritime hubs. Over a long period of time Tangier has acted as a tourist and cultural capital … Read More