Anthropologie Visits Tangier for Photo Shoot

Tangier Moroccospacer

So the always hip, Anthropologie, came to our city recently to take in all of the culture and landscape for their recent magazine shoot.  Check out what they say:

When considering locations for a catalog shoot, options are weighed carefully. To journey somewhere far-flung and scenic isn’t always enough; a place must also stir feelings of wanderlust, curiosity and a deep need to learn its secret story. Our journey to Morocco for our March Lookbook was no different. As our art director Meghan put it, “We like to go a little off the beaten path. Tangier caught our eye, having read the accounts of writers and expats who formed a community there in the 1950s.” Susy, our marketing chief, seconds the notion, saying, “In Tangier you have this beautiful light bouncing off the Straits of Gibraltar, along with an atmosphere of louche glamour.” Indeed, Tangier became a character in our March story, not just a backdrop. From ancient medina streets to jewel box tearooms to whitewashed rooftops, we invite you to see what we saw.

Here’s their glamorous video in Tangier:

(HT: Lindsey Jones)



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