Moroccan Water Sellers

Traditionally costumed water sellers are seen throughout Morocco. For a dirham or two water is poured from camel leather bags into brass or tin cups. Few tourists can resist photographing the colorfully clad men decked out in elaborate tasseled hats. You can hear the musical clinking of the brass and bells they wear.

Today water sellers make more money from vacationers who pay to photograph them than from peddling water.

In Marrakesh water sellers in Jemma el Fna are licensed and wander amongst the crowds, food stalls, snake charmers, story tellers, dancers, acrobats and fortune tellers. They are adept at getting the most from tourists. Indeed if one approaches you in the square don’t be surprised if two others appear to pose in a trio. All three will expect a tip.

Info from Escape From New York

photo credits: one, two

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  1. lkallmeyer

    I am glad you enjoyed my photos of Costa Rica. After looking at your photos, I see I have much improvement to make!!! Absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to viewing more.

  2. Maylana

    Absolutely gorgeous colours,very vivid! The character in their faces is amazing. Morocco is one of the places on my bucket list. Looking forward to seeing your new pics.

  3. ajkandah

    Fantastic professional photos you have. Wish we could take photos like that!

    Would love to be able to meet you when we finally make it to Tangier.

  4. Tina

    Thank you so much for liking my recent post on You have stunning images here, and I love the cultural insights.

  5. katrinamillen

    Your photos are amazing!!! They bring back memories of Jemma el Fn, I love the way its chaotic with people approaching you with water, monkeys and all sorts. It’s very exciting and special :)

  6. Being June

    Wow – these are breathtaking. Thanks for stopping by my little blog; I wish yours had an About page…

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