Great Video from Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism

Morocco just developed a new ad campaign with the tagline, “The Country That Travels Within You.”  The video is great, but this marketing slogan must translate better in Spanish and French than it does in English.  “The Country That Travels Within You” makes me think of the stomach problems that are common with traveling.

Here’s what Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism has to say about their new ad slogan:

“One can not mention Morocco without bringing up the wonderful memories of those who have visited the country. The new strap line “The country that Travels within you” of Morocco’s advertising campaign conjures up deeply the experience lived and which last in all memories.  This film promises to take you to a country that will mark you forever.”


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    1. mrbradjones

      It’s put out by the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism, but ultimately the king has a plan called “Vision 2020″ that is a comprehensive tourism strategy with goals to double the amount of tourist to Morocco by 2020. So the government has been investing in job training for the hospitality sector, infrastructure projects like high speed rail, and lots of advertising like this video.

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