Faces of Morocco

The human face is the most personal image that exists.  In fact, paper currency across the world was originally designed using faces because famous faces are so highly recognizable that using them on money decreased the likelihood of forgery.  People can easily notice small mistakes made in a poor copy of a face.  When the United States was designing dollar bills, the U.S. Treasury “determined that portraits of Presidents of the United States have a more permanent familiarity in the minds of the public” than any other image.

As I have been living in Morocco, I’m getting used to the faces of local people here.  Traveling to a foreign country can widen your understanding of other people as you get to look into their faces and hear their unique life stories.  At times I’m surprised at how different their experience is than mine.  And other times I feel like we all are just the same.  If you get to travel, take some time to visit with the unique faces you get to meet.

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  1. I always wonder what kind of stories lie behind the faces

    Life is full of the unexpected and twists!
    Its fun to hear stories of other people’s experience

  2. As a professional makeup artist I spend a lot of time studying faces. Of course! Now I appreciate just as much the imperfections that make one unique. Perhaps even more than a classic western image of beauty. What is beauty anyway? No one has ever been able to truly answer that question.

    1. I think beauty is something that we personally resonate with. For me, I thought these faces were mesmerizing. As a kind of beauty expert, how have you defined beauty?

      1. I agree with you. Those faces are mesmerizing. How have I defined beauty? That is a really good question. I think it’s instinctual. It’s color, line, symmetry. And perhaps a vibration that as you say, resonates with each of us. When all of those elements come together in a way that is pleasing to the eye.
        Since you like unique faces you might enjoy a photo I took called The Man in the Hat.
        I hope I can visit Morocco some day. I think, I’d like it.

  3. What wonderful photos! I have never been to Morocco, but it’s on my list, definitely. Thank you for the informative and visual posts on your blog. Also, thank you for stopping by Travel Oops and liking the Travel Ahh! Steph

  4. I have never been to Morocco but I have read the accounts of some writers like Paul Bowles, who painted word-pictures. Looking into people’s faces is the best way to absorb a new culture. Over the years I have learned to hone my visual skills.

  5. Nice work there! I especially am intrigued by the woman in the upper right, who looks much like a native American to me. As I am headed into the SW U.S. right now, you’ve inspired me to do some portraiture; it’s been too long. Nice post.

  6. Reblogged this on Binnr and commented:
    Yes, I firmly believe that faces speak to us without words, yet they give us much more and
    they never tell a lie.

  7. Reblogged this on Binnr and commented:
    Yes, I firmly believe that faces speak to us without words, yet they give us much more and they never tell a lie.

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