Tunnel to Connect Morocco with Europe

For decades, Morocco and Spain have planned to connect Europe with Africa. Designs for bridges have all been rejected in favor of an underground tunnel, similar to the Channel Tunnel that connects England and France. The current plan includes two rail tunnels that will allow passengers to cross the Straits of Gibraltar in under 30 minutes on an underground train.

There have been years of feasibility studies and geological evaluations, and this project has been furthered postponed by strained international relationships and the global economic crises. But recently (Feb. 2012), the Spanish Ambassador to Morocco met with the Moroccan Transportation Minister and strengthened their commitment to see this ambitious project move forward.

“We’ve already done a tremendous amount of work to make this dream come true, to go from an idea — a concept that is just philosophical — into something we can transform into reality,” said Karim Ghellab, Morocco’s minister of transportation. “It’s not easy to predict a date yet, but it is a project that will happen.”

Experts have predicted that the tunnel may cost approximately 10 billion Euros and could be completed by 2025. So as we say in Morocco, “Insha’Allah” (If it is God’s will).

Washington Post, Wikipedia, or Morocco’s Transportation Ministry site.


  1. Thanks for liking my post. Very informative blog you have here. I ‘wish’ our modern economies could afford underwater tunnels and high speed trains. Soooo much money is wasted and used inefficiently.

  2. This is soo cool, thanks for stopping by. I’ve always wanted to travel to Morocco-I’ll definitely be there before this tunnel is built! thanks for stopping by my post..

  3. Sounds like a great idea. The thought came to me… in ancient times the earth’s land mass was one piece, then the earth was divided (I wonder if it was during Peleg’s time? See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peleg – Genesis 10:25…but probably not). But now are connecting again to make it easier to cover distance. Just a thought….

  4. Personally, I’m a little claustrophobic and on a trip thru Europe I was very relieved that the Chunnel from the UK to France was closed due to a fire the week before we arrived and our tour bus took the ferry from Dover. Interesting stuff though. Thanks for stopping at my blog too.

  5. Based on details about other tunnels and tunnel routes and the details of this tunnel route from Morocco to Spain, it is obvious that a tunnel this deep in through this route would be an absolute 100% probability. The only challenge is the cost. Which also would mean the challenge of justifying the cost due to the rate of passengers, even if the cost of toll tickets is high, since too high would not be satisfying to customers, while lower costs would not help justify the cost with the rate of passengers. But other countries planning to use the tunnel could be required to pay their portion of the cost. And each time another country pays their portion, the other countries that would by then had already paid their portion would receive the extra percent they paid in addition to what they would had paid if the then total number of countries had paid their portion all in the same year as each other paid. And such a cost as a percent of the cost of the tunnel should not seem too costly, since everybody is familiar with deposits and how they are paid off before the first month or year is paid off and what seems like a rip-off does not cause the rate of satisfied to plummet, so what’s the risk…

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